Chiang Mai – Let’s Go!

Easy to check in on our flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. All Aboard! Whoever gets in line first, Boards. No boarding by section. Lucky us, we are in front of the crowd. Only an hour long flight and we are served a sandwich and a bottle of water. Unlike flights in North America.

Really happy with our stay at the Riverside House Hotel. Friendly staff , lovely room with a balcony and just steps away from the bridge that leads to the Night Market.

Riverside House

On our first day we decide to take the Mae Ping River Cruise. It gives us a good view of the area from the water. Love seeing the locals fishing from the banks.

Mae Ping River Cruise

We stop at an ancient farmhouse. Interesting to see the local herbs and fruit trees. A couple of my favorites are the white mugwort. taken to lower blood pressure and cinnamamum laueiroi used to help the heart and to prevent farting. Sounds beneficial. Maybe???

The night market is massive. Top of our list was to buy some suitcase locks. Most items there were Knockoffs. Everything including Prada purses to Mont Blanc pens.

The fun part for me was the Fish Spa. I sat here and stuck my feet in the tank and let the fish eat my dead skin. Worked pretty good. Fun for them and fun for me!

Fish Spa


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