Puerto Egas – Galapagos

Day 5 – Santiago

This morning after a wet landing on the island, we have a chance to do some snorkeling. We were amazed to see the green turtles swimming by. So many colorful fish my favorites were parrot fish and king angelfish.

The island is covered with lava flows and arid vegetation.

We see the fur sea lion here. He is pretty amazing and my favorite!! He has a flat bear like face. They were hunted to the verge of extinction but happily their numbers have risen. They are harder to spot as they hide from the sun during the day. We saw them lazing along the cool cliffs.

Our other big discovery was Sally Lightfoot crab, by far the most beautiful crab I’ve ever seen. Never expected to see that crabs can be beautiful. They can get out of harm’s way quickly, which is where they get their name “Lightfoot”.


  1. You’re quite the adventurer, especially with snorkeling! Looks like you got to see a lot of gorgeous, diverse wildlife: the Galapagos is my dream to visit, and your photos make me want to go very soon!


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