Historic Sites – Limassol

The rain is pounding! We decide to get a cab to the heart of the historical center of the city.

Medieval Castle Museum

Built in 1193, we learned the castle had been built over an early Christian Basilica sometime between the 4–7th century. The Venetian governor of Cyprus decided to demolish the castle in the 1550’s to avoid its possible seizure.

Richard the Lion Heart on way to the Holy Land crowned his wife to be the Queen of England here. There are exhibits of Medieval potteries, tombstones and cannons. We climbed the stone steps to the rooftop. A magnificent view.

Grand Mosque

We sat under a shelter for 20 minutes waiting for the rain to ease. A lovely view from the outside. Quite picturesque. Torrential rain when we arrived. So we sat on the bench under the awning and took some lovely pictures. It was prayer time so we didn’t go inside.


  1. I’m usually not one for medieval castles, but this one looks rustic and lovely! I was unaware of Cyprus’ Islamic past (ergo didn’t know about the mosque), but it would be great to check out the Grand Mosque while in town. Hope you did later!


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