Winding Through the Peruvian Andes

Travelling to and from Machu Picchu Pueblo (also known as “Águas Calientes”), “PeruRail” is probably the best way  to see the Andean Mountains. All the way, the breathtaking views of the “Valle Sagrado de los Incas” will follow your eyes!

As we pass mountains and valleys and open fields where farmers lead their llamas along rows and plow. Later we see women in vibrant, tradition garb walk alongside the road with their llamas and alpacas, occasionally giving us a wave or a smile. When we were able to get off the train we bought a fabulous red woven wool cloth which I used as my Christmas Tablecloth.


  1. Hi.

    I envy you, because you visited places where I want to visit. I love Peru and I have “ hundreds“ of Cumbia music there. We had also many years a goddaughter not so far away (about 100 km) from Cusco. Thank you for this post!

    Have a wonderful day!


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