Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Smoke and Mirrors

 Amanda‘s Friendly Friday Photo Challenge.

Arenal Volcano – Costa Rica
Bergen Norway
Manuel Antonio – Costa Rica


  1. Wow, that photo of Bergen is eye-popping with the colors! Love the contrast between monochrome and vivacity, which is all perfect for the prompt at hand. Thanks for sharing!


  2. There is a big fan of fog and low cloud over here so basically any photo you post like that will have my vote! Having said that, the colours in the photo from Bergen is excellent too. And it is not the iconic Bryggen, so it gives another impression of Bergen as a small fishing village. Thanks for joining in Friendly Friday.


      1. That is the great thing about challenges, you get a chance to view your photos and relive those special moments. And you can have fun with editing some of your special photos at the same time. When I travel I take a gazillion photos so don’t edit them all until I need them, so some of them I haven’t really had a good look at. Challenges give you that chance to examine them closely. And do a re-organization of photo storage which I badly need. How do you store your travel photos?


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