Machu Picchu – Peru

An amazing site to see. We travelled by train from Cusco. Just over a 3-hour journey beginning with a series of switchbacks, known appropriately as the ‘zig-zag‘, out of Cusco.

We stayed a couple of nights and were fortunate to skip the huge rain storm. Even though with the Fog it was a sensational site to see.  It was believed to be built sometime in the 1400’s.


  1. Glad you escaped the rain. We spent about 12 hours in the rain. Glad we saw it, but once was enough. I would still like to return to Peru. No begging, my experience was that the people in need didn’t want you to give them money, they wanted you to buy something from them. Peru was a much different experience than in the USA, where at times it can be a challenge to run the gauntlet of beggars in our major cities.


  2. Lovely! I take it you went in the non-summer months? When I went in July, it was brilliantly-sunny and warm, to the point I got sunburned! The fog and mist in your photos make for an atmospheric experience all the same!

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