Barcelona, Spain

We decide to head into town by train. Much easier than driving into Barcelona and searching for place to park.  Inside the station we ask the employee about how to buy a ticket . He was helpful although it was still difficult to figure out when and where to get off.

Las Ramblas

We were a little unsure if we had it right but it worked out well and we walked for a few hours up and down Las Ramblas. It is pedestrian street lined with outdoor markets, shops, restaurants, and cafes. The place is jammed with lots to see and do here .

Basilica Santa Maria

We see a sign for the Cathedral and follow it and discover this is Basilica Santa Maria del Pi. This is where there are wonderful guitarists play every night . We are definitely want to return to hear the music.

Spanish Wine

It’s 8:30 by the time we get back. We are starting to live like locals. Dinner at 9:30, but then again we have to leave time for some wonderful Spanish wine.


  1. Barcelona is certainly a vibrant city; it’s always busy and overwhelming, but thrilling at the same time. Love the atmosphere, and a pre-dinner aperitive of robust Spanish wine doesn’t hurt at all! Thanks for sharing your time in the Spanish city. 🙂


  2. Holla, how are you doing am mr Dennis Kilawe…. The tour guide from Tanzania I just want to invite you to visit Tanzania national parks…. The of wildebeest migration


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