Monserrat – Spain


Today is our day to head to Monserrat . This is an easy run only about 30 minutes drive from our location. We didn’t read much about the place and didn’t even know there is a funicular to the monastery . We stumble upon it and rode to the top. It is so beautiful there.

The mountains are like fingers jutting up, with the Monastery nestled in its clutch .

Black Virgin

We roam around waiting for our turn to go inside to see the Black Virgin. This is the site where the Virgin appeared in 1000AD. A very revered pace by the Spanish. It was destroyed in the 1800’s by Napoleon but here  it is today still exists. \

Benedictine Monks

The monastery is home of the Benedictine Monks . At one time in the first century it was a  home for the hermit monks. Before Christ, it was a place of worship for the god Venus. The views from here are amazing .A wonderful day trip!!


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