Heathrow to Barcelona – Good and Bad

British Air – Positive

On the positive side, British Air gave us a nice little sandwich and lemon bun on our short 1.5 hour flight.

British Air – Negative

The bad news was they lost our one and almost never before checked-in bag. What a nightmare! They lost people’s luggage who were on our flight waiting to connect. We were lucky to be 5th in line of over a hundred people waiting I have never seen such inefficiently and unorganized. We were there over an hour waiting to fill out our paperwork…I wondered what happened to all the others behind us…are they still there?

Unclaimed Luggage

Someone said there was unclaimed luggage over by the wall. Pat waited in line and I went over and looked through hundreds of suitcases. Ours wasn’t there. Bags just lying there for the taking, some could have been stolen.

Happy Side

Finally we were told there was a chance our luggage could be on the next flight. We decided to wait another 40 minutes for that and sure enough there it was. YAHOO!!

By now we are worn out and make our way to a bank machine for some euros and our hotel shuttle. The shuttle arrives in minutes. We are staying at the Barcelona Airport Hotel close to the airport . LOVELY!! We have a large room with a King Size bed ,nice and roomy. Our first meal in Spain. We chose an outdoor table on such a beautiful night The waitress brings a few tasty smoked salmon and tuna tapas with our drinks which was a nice touch. We shared grilled veggies and fresh roasted feta, followed by paella. Delicious! We eat at 10PM but we are not on any particular time yet , so it doesn’t matter. The benefit of jet lag.


  1. I once had a bag that did not arrive with me, but did arrive on a subsequent flight. It was left out in an open space in the airport much like those in your photo.

    When I called to ask if it had arrived I was told it had already been picked up. Clearly, the processing system is not up to the task because a thief claimed in on my behalf. The contents were ultimately found on the front lawn of a random house in a city two hours from my destination.

    The police duly picked it all up and bagged each item separately. They knew it was mine because it including a prescription medicine. I had to sign for each item individually at the police station.


  2. Oh you’re so lucky to get on a plane ..enjoy Barcelona
    We are landlocked for at least another six months in WA and no international travel until late next year 😢😧


  3. Lucky in the end. While there is security everywhere in air transport nowadays, I’m still shocked that personal belongings don’t benefit from it. As you point out, anyone can grab any suitcase, there are no controls. In some air terminals, especially in Canada, the public has direct access to baggage claim, everyone relies on luck.


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