Monkey Forest, Ubud, Bali

We were thrilled with the prospect of getting close to the Macaques in the Monkey Forest. I purchased some bananas from a woman at the entrance. Immediately we are surrounded by a tribe of monkeys. I shoved the bunch in my backpack, thinking I could pass them out one by one. The babies started to scream in protest. The huge mature monkeys were intent on attacking. I was able to throw the whole bunch to them and got out of there. They are extremely aggressive. This is what happens when tourists feed wild animals.

These monkeys steal fruit and cameras and everything humans carry but…they also can bite. The small ones look so cute, however they are incredibly strong and have big incisors. A bite can be extremely painful and another hazard to consider…Rabies.

When we get back into town …we realize these monkeys are everywhere. Can’t say I would return to Monkey Forest.


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