Long Tail Macaw Monkeys- Borneo

Sepilok Otangutan Rehabilition Center is next door to our lodge. We take a short hike along a raised wooden walkway to see the orangutans.

The playful and entertaining Long Tail Macaw monkeys great us at the feeding platform. There were at least 50 of them swinging about and I must say they put on quite an opening act. We were careful holding on to our belongings as these little guys are notorious thieves. Ha!!

We were told Sepilok is often crowed but there were only about 20 of us here on the platform. There is an advantage to the pouring rain after all.


  1. Would love to visit Borneo. It’s a childhood dream, ever since I read a National Geographic article about the strangler fig trees in Borneo’s endangered rainforest. Sounds like you had a wonderful adventure.


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