Castillo San Felipe – Cartagena, Colombia

Colombia was on our list to add to our Country Collection.

Google Maps guided us in the right direction…2.4 KM from our location within the Walled City. Interesting street art in the Getsemani neighborhood. Crossing the bridge gave a view of the river below. The sad part was to see locals with children living in poverty along the banks of the river.

We decided to visit without a guide. $10.00 each to enter. Posters with information pointed us in the right direction. The steep steps to the top of the Fortress are worth the climb. Amazing view of the surrounding area. Had we not gone in the morning, the area would congested with tourists arriving from Cruise Ships.

For a break we stopped and watched the video explaining the history of the battles and construction of the Castle. Cartagena was a desirable conquest for enemies of the Spanish Crown and pirates as well. In 1536 the castle was constructed on San Lazaro Hill to prevent attacks.

Took a look at the hidden tunnels …only briefly. The tunnels are low and more than 600 meters long.


  1. Anita, these old forts are always fascinating to explore – I’m especially intrigued by the hidden tunnel. I haven’t been to Cartagena – yet 🙂 – so thanks for introducing me to another interesting city. Great post, and I know that everyone will enjoy it. Thanks! ~Terri


  2. Love the colorful street art! I visited Castillo San Felipe last year on a day trip to Cartagena, and it offered great views of the city from above. Appreciate you sharing your trip; it brought back memories for me!


  3. During my visit I regretted not having a flashlight with me as the tunnels are not always lit for the whole distance. The benefit of tunnels is to cool down after the heat of the outside.


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