Country Collection 104 ——-Cyprus

2018 -Overnight flight from Halifax to Heathrow. Took the National Express Bus to Gatwick. Good plan to stay overnight near Gatwick Airport to get recover from our Jet Lag and not to be stressed about missing our connecting flight. The train arrives directly in front of the Arora Hotel. As soon as we arrive at our room, we crash and get 3 hours sleep. We are starving when we awake and head downstairs to Morgan’s Pub. Loved happy hour and tasty Chicken Madras.

Easy Jet Gatwick to Larnaca

We shoved everything into our carry on luggage….weight not an issue….number of pieces would be a problem…Always stick with our rule…checking luggage could be lost. We were starving when we boarded . Unfortunately they couldn’t accept North American Credit cardsa due to security and offline transactions. Luckily we had enough euros with us. Rule Number 2 ..always carry some cash.

Clearing customs at Larnaca International Airport was fast and easy. Our taxi driver was waiting. 43 euros and one hour later we arrive at our hotel in Limassol. Our first time in Cyprus . Yeah! Another Country to add to our Collection.


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