Tour Bergen Norway

Bergen is an interesting City to visit. History, Food and a Spectacular waterfront.


Very hilly and good place for a workout. Our first stop was to see the ancient Leprosy Museum. Founded in the 15th Century, was the Hospital for Leper’s until the early 1900’s. Unfortunately it was closed for the season.

A lot of ancient churches in the city. Bergen Cathedral around 1150 was dedicated to the patron saint of Norway, Olay the Holy. Unfortunately this was also closed.

The Holy Cross Cathedral date’s back to the 12th Century. The name refers to the True Cross. It was possession of a relic from the Cross of Jesus . The relic was later stolen by the Danish King.

Along the waterfront there is a large variety of street food restaurants. Halibut, Cod, Shrimp, Lobster, and largest Crab Claws I have ever seen. We loved our seafood lunch .


  1. I am so glad I visited Norway. I have a friend who spent her family summer vacations in Bergen, so I had to go there. It was a bonus that Bergen is the start point of any good tour of Norways famous fjords!


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