Best Places to Visit on Your First Trip to South America

South America is an incredible destination for backpackers and travellers alike. There are so many incredible places that it can certainly be difficult to choose where to go on your first trip to South America. The continent is one of the top destinations that I recommend for people to visit. It is very affordable, the […]

Best Places to Visit on Your First Trip to South America — deventuretime


  1. and my answer is :
    I completely agree with you that South America is a wonderful land for travellers. There are a few more particular destinations that I would put in that order:
    My first choice is Easter Island, Machu Piccu and the Galapagos Islands.
    The most interesting city is certainly Buenos Aires, I prefer the Soho neighborhood in Palermo. In terms of interest there are also Rio and Brasilia in very different styles.
    The beautiful colonial cities to visit are Cartagena, Sucre, Cusco, Arequipa, Quito, Lima and La Paz.
    I would finally put cities with distinct characters such as Valparaison and Ushuaia.
    I didn’t put Paraguay, it is perhaps the country still the least visited and perfectly placed to visit the Iguazu Falls between Brazil and Argentina.
    Have a good trip!


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