N.209 Together With Bear

Tvisha Vigh is a 10-year-old girl living in Warford, England.

The title is “Together with Bear” and it means that the whole world is in this situation that we will fight together and, together, we can save lives by staying at home and staying safe.

Tvisha’s mother is a national service worker and this inspired her to design “Together with Bear”. Tvisha thanks, from the bottom of her heart, all the NHS workers who are risking their lives in this difficult moment.

©Riproduzione riservata Tvisha Vigh è una bambina di 10 anni che vive a Warford nel Regno Unito, in Inghilterra. Il titolo è “Insieme a orso” e significa che tutto il mondo si trova in questa situazione che combatteremo insieme e, insieme, possiamo salvare vite umane restando al casa e restando al sicuro. La mamma di […]

N.209 Tvisha e l’orso — Distanti ma vicini col cuore


      1. I love too. Yesterday was the last day to send the drawings. First phase of the project finished, now I have to move on to the second phase.


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