HELLO ALL Fellow Bloggers..

or…..Should I say, Fellow Cave-Dwellers

I am not sure what the Neanderthals would have to say about our current love affair with our habitats, but I can guess. If any bloggers know or hear about fellow bloggers who are sketching pictures on their walls, you are asked to kindly report them. I would love to showcase their undertakings on my Blog.

As long as we are talking about regression into prehistory, it is only fair to reference our current struggle between Cro-Magnon Man vs. Covid19 Man. Cro-Magnon Man never had to deal with “Fattening The Curve”, but Covid19 Man surely has.

“Fattening The Curve” has become a Pandemic in our of another sort in our World. We have had reports that some people are now struggling to fit through their kitchen doors.  Friday morning “weight-loss and wine” weigh-in meetings have become eraser marks on Calendars. Soon our Nova Scotia Premier Blazes McNeil won’t have to tell us to Stay Home because we won’t be able to leave the house. Mercy, Mercy Me!

But there are bright spots on the horizon. Our “new normal” has become the face that’s looking back at us in the mirror. Males have been seen sporting bald heads with ponytails, while some females are strutting new two-tone hairstyles, and the ever popular “platinum look”! We might want to pay attention. The new Covid19 Fashion Trend is evolving! You don’t want to be left behind…..!?! Either way, we are embracing the money we are saving and investing heavily in wine! Go figure!!!

Well, while we are all waiting for groups to be able to meet and embrace again, the “Double Bubble” is just around the cornerIn short, we will all be allowed to burst into someone else’s bubble. Sounds like fun doesn’t it. LoL!


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