Don’t Leave Home Without It


As soon as I opened my eyes at 6 in the morning I felt the panic washing over me. Holy crap I need that expired credit card.

You see this is what happened. A couple of weeks ago I decided to sign up for a new credit card to get some bonus Air miles. Seemed like a great plan . It took about ten days to arrive. Just in time .I am leaving in a couple of days for a month long trip.

It took all afternoon to switch all my automatic payments to the new card . The first thing I did when I finally finished was to get out the scissors and cut up the old card in at least seven pieces and toss it.

So now here I am going through the garbage looking for that shredded card. The reason? I have to show it as proof of purchase with Vietnam Air . I don’t know how I could have gotten myself into such a mess. This problem is not new to me. Once I was denied boarding with Singapore Air for that same reason. I have 8 flights booked in total with Vietnam Air, so this is a problem.

I did a great job piecing the card together on a strip of packing tape. Kind of wobbly but it held together. I contacted Vietnam Air and turns out I am in the clear since I paid for the tickets over 60 days ago.

All’s well so I can keep on trekking.img_2229


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