Bus Tour, From Duon Dong

(2017) This was a long but great seven hour tour. Unbelievable low price, $16.00 each. Our guide was informative giving us an overview of what we are seeing. First stop was at the Pearl Farm. I wasn’t prepared to buy a $3000.00 strand of pearls. High Quality or Rip Off….Maybe???

Ho Quoc Temple

Truly an awe-inspiring site. Located on the hillside offers great views of the ocean below. Magnificent statues and sculptures depicting unique characters. It is the largest pagoda located in Phu Quoc.

Fishing Village

Stopping at a small fishing village was a highlight. Can’t remember the name as there was no sign posted. Little kids running around the market area, laughing, playing so happy. Walking around with our tourist bus friends we noticed the delight in the eyes of the local vendors. Everyone bought somethings …for tourists it is cheap for locals it was expensive.

Sao Beach

A little piece of paradise. White sand, crystal clear water and fancy chickens walking around the beach side restaurants. Gave us a chance to walk through the waters and chill out before heading back to our bus..

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  1. Thanks for the post. I was reflecting on how privileged we are to be able to travel around and see other people’s lives. This is a time when we become more aware of our luck.


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