Duon Dong – Vietnam

Dragon Air from Hanoi to Pho Quoc. Impressed how you board from the back and front of the plane regarding your seat number.

Duon Dong is a beach town with lots of little shops, bars and restaurants. In the evening the whole town is a night market. We have to watch our step, as there are holes and cracked pavement. Don’t want to trip and fall. On a positive note, a perfect place to leave behind our Western World.

When it becomes dark, decorative lights overhead look a bit like Disney Land.

Many food stalls selling exotic fish. Also tanks with snakes and frogs. Our biggest surprise was seeing a tank with NOVA SCOTIA LOBSTER. I am thinking they were on our flight.

My goal is to get a handle on the value of the pearls I am seeing. The vendors offer to scratch the surface with cut glass or light them with a match to prove their validity. I have to wait it out to learn what’s real and what’s not.


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