Hanoi, Vietnam

Jet lagged after our long flight from Toronto. Only two attendants at the desk in Hanoi for “Visa upon Arrival”. It was a toss up as to who is next. We were all in a quandary. Took over an hour to be cleared to go.

The “Elegant Ruby Hotel” was perfect, friendly staff and only $50.00 per night including breakfast. We are in the Old Quarter of town. A ton traffic. The sidewalks are crammed with people, bikes, plastic tables and chairs.

Motor Bikes and vehicles are everywhere. Crossing the street we have to run for our lives. In front the old buildings vendors are selling everything , including fruit, vegetables, meat and chickens with roses in their beaks. Other shops are selling various brand name clothing, backpacks, shoes etc. etc. I bought a North Face jacket for a fraction of the typical price. Later I learned these products are all knockoffs….


  1. We were briefly in Hanoi last year until Covid brought our 3 month SE Asia trip to an abrupt end as we had to escape before the borders closed. We unfortunately didn’t see it at its best as things were closing and we met with some hostility. But, that hasn’t put us off this interesting city, we shall resume our trip as soon as possible and can’t wait to explore Vietnam


  2. Great post! Hanoi is a very interesting city, as you said the first thing you will notice is all of the motorbike traffic! I lived in Vietnam for a year, and I remember how scared I was the cross the street at first! haha I lived in Ho Chi Minh City for over a year while teaching English, and it was such a wonderful life experience. In my blog I discuss my adventures while abroad, I’d love for you to check it out if you have a chance!


    Best regards,


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