Hippopotamus – In the Water

Kruger Safari South Africa

The hippos are keeping a close eye on us as we sit on the rocks taking their photo. All is fine unless they get out of the water.

They love water and spend around 15 hours submerged to keep their massive bodies cool. When the sun goes down they travel over land to graze. We were there at a perfect time…not at sunset!


  1. I was on a driving safari in Kruger a couple of years ago. We ran into a pride of lions resting on a slope 25′ from the road a few minutes the Orpen Gate. Amazing. It was dark on the drive back to the lodge. The driver said he caught a glimpse of a hippo. I remember his comment: “If you run into a hippo he will kill you for sure.” I’m glad you had no problems.

    I did a dawn walking safari at Thornhill Safari Lodge where I stayed. Giraffes would let us approach to within 15′ in the dark. The game reserve was fenced so no lions or elephants but there were leopards about.


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