Walking Safari – Kruger

We decided to take a walking Safari. This is something we would never do. On the advice of our guide, we broke our rule and went.

Within a short time frame an aggressive elephant appeared. He was about to charge us as we were blocking his way to the water. YIKES! Luckily our guide made the right move and took control, showing the elephant who was boss. We were told to stay calm and walk close together…YEAH! We made it out alive.


  1. Hello there and thank you so much for following my blog. I cannot find a comment section on your homepage so I thought the most recent post was the best place.

    I am so impressed with your country tally, I have only managed forty something (stopped counting then) and you seem to have been to a lot of places that are on my list when this damned virus goes away and if my health holds up. I have never faced off an elephant, although I do know how to “drive” one but I was charged by a rhino once and that was quite scary enough thank you! I’m looking forward to having a good look at your blog now.


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