Sunshine Blogger Award 1.0

Thanks Debby for the Nomination.
2. I downgraded from the Business Site to the Professional Site…my interest is writing about my travels ..and following fellow travellers.
3.Nothing…except I had a drink of booze under age.
4. Hummm?? I noticed in a photo my skirt was a bit transparent.
4. A Classy Hotel room.
5. Travel Travel Travel….which is what I do and why I switched to a passive business.
6. Invest in the market during the crash.
7. Exploring the world to places I haven’t been.
8. Writing about my travels.
9. Hard to choose. However the safari in Kenya rates high on my list.
10. Travelling.
11. Every person on our earth deserves a good life.

SEO San Francisco

Dear readers, yesterday I was nominated for my first SEO Sunshine Blogger Award!! I received a mystery blogger award before but this one is slightly different. I started out this blog writing about related SEO topics only, but lately I have also been writing about artificial intelligence so I figured I may as well include another award post just because they are so much fun and because I like answering the questions.

First of all, I like to make use of this opportunity to express my gratitude to Sheree at, she is the one who nominated me and to whom I am very grateful. Sheree is a cheerful blogger who lives by the sea, loves cheese, but can’t eat dairy, and her four great passions are Football, Cycling, MotoGP and Cookery. If this made you curious about what she might look like than you can view her picture here.

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