Sicilian Food– ricci di mare!

Travelling all over the world I can’t think there is food we didn’t enjoy. However, in Sicily the food here is rated high on our list.


Waiting for our dinner, we noticed a huge plate of unusual shell fish being served at the next table. Asked our waiter, “What is that?”. She decided to give us a sample. It is a spiny fish, Sea Urchin ( ricci di mare). We gave it a go. Fresh and raw with a squeeze of lemon. I would rate it as a culinary delicacy.


In Sicily, Seafood Restaurants, Market Places, and Street Food , fantastic!


  1. Oh, I love sea urchin! It’s a shame that they’re being over-fished, and now it’s rare (and expensive) to get them. Lucky you got to have them, especially fresh!


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