Capuchin Catacombs

(2018) As gruesome a destination as this is, we wanted to see this with our own eyes. We walk through seedy area of Palermo. A bit nerve wracking but all went well.

When we arrive at our destination, it was a bit confusing on where to enter. Eventually we see a small door which leads to the Catacombs.

For hundreds of years the Capuchin monks have been preserving bodies in the catacombs in a mummified state. Cappuccino takes it name from the Capuchin friars. The color of Espresso mixed with frothy milk has a similar color of the Capuchin robes.

Bodies and skeletons are hanging from the walls. Orderly arranged and dressed in their Sunday best at the time of their death. The saddest site was a little girl named Rosalie lying in a glass covered coffin. Preserved so well, she looked like a porcelain doll. No way I could take a photo of Rosalie. A heartbreaking site..


  1. Visiting catacombs is such an eerie experience. I went to the ossuary in Brno in the Czech Republic last year, which featured a variety of human skulls and bones arranged around the walls and floor.


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