Valletta – Malta

Malta, a first time visit. Now another we can add it to our Country Collection List. Our hotel is located in Sliema. The ferry to Valletta is located directly across the street from our hotel. Beautiful ride, beautiful scenery, beautiful photo moments.!


Valletta is the main attraction in Malta. A walled city constructed in the 1500’s by the Knights of St. John. The knights were given by the King of Spain to set up defense from invasion by the Turks and other enemies of the church.

Saint John’s Co-Cathedral

Dedicated to Saint John the Baptist this Roman Catholic cathedral was built in the mid 1500’s. This is an incredible, well preserved site. The marble floors were fully designed with coats of arms of various knights and the whole church , in itself, is a work of art.


  1. Valletta is beautiful! Visiting Saint John’s Co-Cathedral absolutely blew me away; it’s one of the most-dazzling cathedrals I’ve been to in Europe. I hope you got to enjoy some of the good food there, too!

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  2. I have visited Malta four times by now and really enjoy the island. So much history and things to see. Where you able to visit prior to the corona closure of the island? We were lucky to leave just days before the harder restrictions came into force. 🙂

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