Nicosia – Cyprus

Nicosia, divided between the Turks and the Greeks…last divided city in the EU. Arriving into Nicosia we notice a huge Turkish Flag made of stone on the mountainside facing the Greek side. Hummm!!

Presidential Palace

Our first stop was at the Palace of the Emperor of Cyprus, who was once the Archbishop. This is where the coup began and fighting broke out in the 1960’s. It was interesting to see an old Cadillac on display, received as a gift from President JFK .

The Battle

The battle began in 1974. On both sides there were thousands of casualties and many missing. The UN set up a buffer Zone in Nicosia. Turkey created a demarcation line through the middle of Nicosia. Still a lot if uneasiness between the Greeks Cypriots and the Turkish Cypriots.

Demarcation Line

A mile walk through the Pedestrian Mall to the Demarcation Line. Lots of shops along the way and graffiti saying Peace and Stop the War. We show our passports to the Greek Border Control, walk across the buffer zone and enter through the Turkish Border Control to the OCCUPIED ZONE. Didn’t feel dangerous but we could sense the hatred of one side against the other.


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