Where the Travel Bug Bit

COSTA RICA – 2004 our first visit. An amazing introduction to this  mystical country and the world of travel.

Day trips are easy from Jaco. Manuel Antonio. It was here, on a hike around the park I was badly bitten. It wasn’t life threatening but definitely life altering. That’s what “travel bugs” can do.

Expecting to come away with great memories of the white faced monkeys but instead it was the travel stories we heard from a fellow hiker, Ronnie, from Belgium . He told us he had another trip planned to Borneo, within a month. Wow, that is impressive. When I questioned him about his past travels, he told me he had been to 50 different countries! That was it…. BOING! Inspiration set in and my first thought was how many countries had we visited. Second thought, why are we going back to the same places over and over.

As soon as we get back to our hotel we make a list of the  places we have been. 23 countries so far. That’s it! The very next day we book a trip to Panama and we are still trekking and haven’t looked back.


  1. Glad to hear your travel bug history! I still have not reached 23 countries. I know what you mean about repetition. I’ve visited 6 of my 15 destinations twice. So far I’ve chosen depth over breadth. πŸ™‚


  2. So glad that Costa Rica made you get the travel bug! For me, it was probably France. Although COVID-19 has put a damper on travel for the moment, you best bet that we’ll be venturing out once things are more-or-less stable!


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