Rainy Day in Bergen

Bergenhus Castle

Bergen has so many historic places to visit. Bergenhus Castle, built in the 1700’s is located near Bergen harbour. Free visit. The interior is closed for the season.

Interesting walk around the Fortress. As we walk by the cannons near the edge of the cliff we notice the spectacular views of the harbour. Unable to climb to the fortress mound walls….closed for renovation. Near the wall is the Statue of King HarmonV11, first King of  Norway.

                                              Rosenkrantz Tower

Built in 1270 as a dungeon with guns on the top. Unable to enter…closed for renovations.


We It is now pouring rain. Started as a light mist and then becomes a freezing hail storm. Our hope was to eat out a time the waterfront and try some King  Crab.  We are soaking wet. Back to our hotel bar this evening for another berger.




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