Tour Paris by Foot

Eiffel Tower

Our hotel receptionist was very helpful in telling us the best way to reach the Eiffel Tower. “ Walk outside. Turn left and buy 10 bus tickets .” Easy! Just jump on the bus and no need for the correct change. Bus 8o. Twenty minute run from Montmartre to the Eiffel Tower.

The morning is the best time to beat the crowds. We always see scammers at tourist destinations.  One scammer after and another approaching us asking for money for the Deaf. I noticed when they got their deal they had fun laughing with each other in the back and buying some burgers.

Loved seeing the famous Eiffel Tower. It is a spectacular site site to be seen. Like many famous landmarks …see it …take …pictures ….Go.

Seine River

We walked for about an hour along the Seine River. Worth every step. We were amazed to see the Grande Palace on the other side of the River. The bridge crossing the river is highlighted with Golden Lions. We noticed  every bridge crossing the Seine  has  ancient sculptures near the water.

Notre Dame Basilica

The saddest part of our day was seeing the Notre Dame Basilica destroyed.  It is a disaster. With all the spectacular structure and works of art, not sure if it can or will be restored.

Bus 95 and 22000 steps we are back at our hotel for a much needed rest.

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