Flight – Canada 🇨🇦 to France 🇫🇷

Sept 2019  Trip to France 

With Boeing 737 Max 8 out of the sky, we have an unusually long flight from Nova Scotia to Paris. Otherwise we would have had a direct 6 hour flight.

West Jet Halifax to Montreal

Tight 40 minute connection with our delayed flight arrival. Had we checked bags they would not have arrived with us.

Air France

As I call it, we are in the back of the Bus. Seated in Row 45. A bit cramped but not bad Now we are flying  back over our city where we just came from. The happy part is WestJet rebooked us and worked out our connection with Air France. Total time was 13 Hours. Normal time would have been 6 hours.

Air France is a fabulous airline.  Friendly staff and served us Dinner and Continental Breakfast. Arrival. On time!

Charles de Gaulle Airport


Surprised to have such long wait time for a cab at Charles de Gaulle Airport. Forty five minutes to catch a cab. Best part. The cab driver is very friendly.  An hour drive and 55 Euros, we arrive at our hotel.

Hotel de Flore – Montmartre 

We are very pleased with this place. Well laid out and a great location. Comfy bed. No refrigerator. However, the kettle is a bonus for tea and coffee.

Took only a short time to get familiar with the area.  Hilly area, which helps with our workout. Amazing pastry shops and so many wonderful restaurants just a short walk away. Loved our fresh baguette sandwich.








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