Exploring Our World

When my days are numbered, will I look back and say, Dang! I wish I had made more money. Not a chance …this will never be me!


Checking Government Travel sites I read. “ Government Warning! High Alert! Do not go!” I go. Other than that . “ War Zones! “ Ok . Agree. I will not go.

Rule. Never will I roam around like a dummy with flashy clothing and expensive gear in poor and sketchy areas. This is my travel mode.

Viewing images of and talking to Mr. Google, nothing like feet on the ground. Seeing our World with my own eyes is the way to go.

Our World is our World. I will never stop trekking.


  1. Yay easterntrekker! Well-stated! Lots of travel passion here. You are my Hero! Travel onwards! No limits!
    (Except war zones….)

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