Boeing 737 Max- In the Air… When??

airplane flying under white clouds during night time
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With two crashes and 346 people killed, Max 8 has been grounded globally. Tragic and brutally heartbreaking for families and friends loosing people they knew and loved. After the first crash Boeing took no action. Had they, the second crash several months later would not have occurred.

The first news out was that Boeing will be revising the software and updating pilot training. Word has it, Max 8 will be back in the air early summer 2019.

To me .. yes…the problem will be solved. I jumped quickly and booked my direct flight for the end of September to Paris. The price of the ticket was amazingly low.

Turns out the FAA uncovered another safety issue related to the flight control of the 737 Max 8. Now the news is reporting it will be months  before this aircraft is back in the sky… at the earliest…December.

Okay, so I contacted West Jet, who didn’t contact me. I had them re book my flight to Paris at no additional fee. No direct flights available. I recommend, check your bookings and ensure it is not with 737 Max 8 .

aerial view of eiffel tower
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  1. Yes, I agree. What All Boeing statements have said to me is that the loss of life is just collateral damage.


  2. Its going to take Boeing a while to recover from these sad losses but they brought it upon themselves and continue to display a level of arrogance thats surprises me. A marketing ploy that may or may not work.


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