Travel – What to Bring – What not to Bring

Travelling is the best way to escape everyday life. Keeping things easy while travelling is to pack simple, light and avoid checking your bag.

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I broke this rule a couple of times. Not a good idea. Once upon arrival in Majorca, my checked bag did not show up. Waiting in a long line with others at the lost luggage department was a wake-up call. Also noticed a ton of luggage in a corner of the airport in a open area of the airport. Anyone could take whatever they wanted.

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So comforting to take a carry on bag. For a tight connection to an onward flight, no need to wait for at the luggage carousel.

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What to Pack

Clothes – Best to pack the basics. Cold or hot travelling light is best. When in a cold area, wear a warm jacket, sweater, long pants scarf, gloves and hat. That is allowed on board and doesn’t have to be packed. Layering is a good idea. Travelling for a several weeks, from a cold to hot area, I usually bring clothes I am willing to leave behind. Not like there are no shops in other parts of the world.

Toiletries – Basics are all that is required. Small toothpaste, sunscreen, deodorant. For me that’s about it . Not like shampoo is not available in the rest of the world.

Medicines – Now this is the important part. Always make sure to bring  all prescription medicines. Also a good idea to bring non prescription medicine as well. Like pain medicine and stomach medicine. I remember having a stomach upset in India and didn’t bring anything. I went to a pharmacist and realized I was given ulcer medication. Another lesson learned.

Documents – Passport and Visa. It is important to verify passport expiry date. Good plan is to have copy. That is what I carry and lock away the actual passport in the hotel safe.

Money – Credit card, debit card, and some cash. Good idea to bring a couple of different credit cards. For peace of mind, the second card is a backup if one is lost or stolen. Some cash such as American dollars or euros is easy to convert to local currency. Another backup plan.
















  1. Great tips! Couldn’t agree more, traveling light is the way to go. Thanks for sharing these great experiences!


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