Emerald Buddha- Bangkok

Demon Guardians

The Temple of the Emerald Buddha is high on our list. Also known as Wat Phra Kaew. Yesterday we get off on the wrong side of the River. Today we know where to our stop is and here we are.

The first thing we see are the Demon Guardians. Six pairs facing the chapel of the Emerald Buddha. The whole area is surrounded by so many amazing Temples and historic Statues.

We make our way into the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. We are surprised to learn, only the head is Emerald. Much to our chagrin we learn the head of the Buddha is actually Jade, which is called Emerald in Thailand. Interesting! We learned this after we left the |Temple and did some resarch on what we had been seeing . The piece of Jade was carved from one single piece of stone. The Temple was built in 1782 by King Ram 1.

It is not permitted to take a photo of the Emerald Buddha. So the one below is not mine.

The Emerald Buddha

The Grand Palace is on the other side of the complex. It was the home of the Thai King for 150 years. It wasn’t open so we could only see it from the outside.

The Grande Palace


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