Train to Sawai Madhopur




Well, first class has a whole other meaning when it comes to trains in India. I never expected a lot but this certainly took me to a whole different level of  a first class experience. Our seats are in a little box like compartment with a window that is so filthy we can’t  see any light. On the positive side, it is a relief to get out of the freezing cold in Delhi and we have  a compartment to ourselves…..maybe that’s where first class kicks in.

India 381


When we first board the train we see a man loosing everything he has eaten in the last day or so. We think “hum is it the train food!” With that in mind we stick to our banana and granola bar plan. About every thirty minutes a porter comes buy offering omelettes or sandwiches. and we politely decline.


Sawai Madhopur is a much smaller place than Delhi and a lot easier to maneuver. Following the crowds out of the station we are a bit apprehensive as to whether or not our driver would be there. As soon as we exit , there he is. What a relief as we are virtually in nowhere land. Sitting in the back of the jeep we are so happy to finally get off the train and now we enjoy our bumpy breezy drive to the Tiger Moon Hotel. This is where our Tiger Safari will begin.

India 217




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